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Plate Tectonics Infographic

KIDS DISCOVER and Ice Age: Continental Drift have teamed up to bring you this detailed infographic on plate tectonics and the “science behind the drift.” Click-thru for a FREE printable!

Hali Felt: Marie Tharp: The Woman Who Mapped The Ocean Floor    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hali-felt/marie-tharp-map-ocean_b_1826410.html

The Amazing Woman Who Mapped The Ocean Floor

Marie Tharp mapped the Atlantic Ocean floor and discovered the Rift Valley, which led to the concept of continental drift.

During the Middle Jurassic seen here 170 million years ago Pangaea was rifting into two continents and the Atlantic Ocean began to form. In the water groups of large ocean-going reptiles called the ichthyosaurs pliosaurs and plesiosaurs were common and dominant. On land large dinosaurs like the brachiosaurs began to diversify and conifers blanketed much of the ground. #science #geology #paleontology #fossils #continentaldrift #tectonic #earth #jurassic

During the Middle Jurassic seen here 170 million years ago Pangaea was rifting.

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Urberget som sprack

Pangea political map

A Most Delightful Map

Pangea Redrawn With Today's Political Boundaries. Once, the earth was comprised of a supercontinent called Pangea. So what would that continent look like if it had the political boundaries of today?

Así era la Tierra cuando aparecieron los insectos. (Imagen: Ron Blakey, NAU Geology)

Mollewide [Oval-Globe] Plate Tectonic Map of the Earth from the Middle Ordovician Ma]

plate tectonics

Plate tectonics (from the Late Latin tectonicus, from the Greek: τεκτονικός “relating to manufacturing”) is a science hypothesis that portrays the hefty-scale movements of World’s lithosphere.