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Geez, I always hate those "bufallo tactical" guys for making long ass pinterest hashtags and other crap. Why can't they just chill for a moment and say: Two 1911's with white grips and white osprey supressors.

SilencerCo // NightHawk Custom – Summit L

¥ no sleep ¥

Five Seven Hi-Velocity Pistol. This is an amazing and highly underrated gun. Size of a but with the power of a rifle. Low kick back and very accurate!

https://flic.kr/p/pQmzm5 | 50 cal | An Army Air Corps Door Gunner onboard a Lynx Mk9A helicopter with 672 Squadron in Afghanistan, is pictured looking through the sights of a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG).   The Army Air Corps are now deploying the Mk 9A variant of the Lynx helicopter, which has a more powerful engine than the MK7 predecessor. The new engine allows the helicopter to fly faster, carry more weight and fly in hotter conditions (the Mk 7 was unable to fly in the day time during the…

Army Lynx Door Gunner with Cal Heavy Machine Gun. Perfect for Zombie Hoards!

A man who doesn't talk much unless it is a smart ass comment!  Or something sexy.

Hitman Videogame Movie Being Rebooted With Paul Walker, Michael Keaton Joins Need For Speed - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

For some reason, I found this in "Men's Fashion," but I see it, and all I think is, "Zombie apocalypse: handled." - CS

Well in a far off Marvel or DC world I would deffiantley have me both of these, two of favourite weapons in the whole wide range, a lovely shotgun and samurai Katana sword!