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Image seen from a plane shocks passengers. Try spotting what they saw. This is the latest picture of many that have been produced over the internet that provides visual challenges. The picture was ta.

Dead Gods, Broken Kings

Is that a boat? OR is that a plane?It's Boeing 314 "Clipper" Flying Boat

I have had take offs that feel like this!!

747 at an incredible angle. I was very surprised to have seen a video that shows the agility these large commercial liners have. I always imagine them as large limbering ladies.

Спутная струя (спутный след) от стратегического бомбардировщика Ту—95МС.

Funny pictures about Cruising On Top Of The Clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Cruising On Top Of The Clouds. Also, Cruising On Top Of The Clouds photos.


Tank photo: A delivering an Sheridan tank using LAPES (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System).

Abandoned airplane underwater

I'm an avid scuba diver. Ever the domain of the wealthy, scuba diving required both access to the ocean and a shite ton of money for travel & equipment. Not really having any of it, this awesome hobby just kinda passed me by.

city, night, and plane image

Coming in for a landing dark sky night city lights clouds airplane

The World's largest aircraft the Antonov An-225

The Soviet/Ukrainian Antonov cargo plane is the world's largest aircraft of which there is one in operational service.

Red flag by Official U.S. Air Force, via Flickr

Fighting Falcon, with its distinguishing kidney-shaped air intake beneath the fuselage