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Zen - MC

Seriously Zen may be full of himself but in every route he always puts MC's safety first, god bless

(1) Twitter | I want V 's route | MM

True, but Zen isn't my favorite. But if it's route characters only, Seven is my first, thrn Yoosung. <<I just started the game and I'm on day 8 of Yoosungs route, but 707 is my favourite still

Mystic Messenger- Jumin Han x Mc #Otome #Game #Anime. Susanghan Messenger

Jumin it's not just you. wait I just flirted with a fictional character.

Watch out || Mystic Messenger ★

Watch out || Mystic Messenger ★

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Jaehee dressed up as 707 & 707 dressed up as Jaehee XD hahahaha