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Some women play more mind games than Professor X, Then wonder why they have so many X-Men!

Another Universe

40 Wicked Wall Mounts

room wall - Another Universe >> Would be really fun in a kids room or in the back of a closet space.Or just for my bot who is obsessed with black holes

Boobs are like the sun - girl meme - http://jokideo.com/boobs-are-like-the-sun-girl-meme/

Boobs are like the sun - girl meme - Jokes, Memes & Pictures

Some Confessions Are Dumber Than Others DC SUCKS MARVEL ROOOOOOLLLLLZZZZ

Some Confessions Are Dumber Than Others

Funny pictures about Some Confessions Are Dumber Than Others. Oh, and cool pics about Some Confessions Are Dumber Than Others. Also, Some Confessions Are Dumber Than Others photos.

hahahahah  Okay.  I  guess I am evil... because I totally cackled at this one!!  Still laughing.  omg

A Guy Walks Into A Bar.: The agony of defeat. Nothing like tripping and falling and hitting your head on the hurdle bar. The olympics are over for this guy.

SMWI*: Jump Chubby. Jump.

SMWI*: Up Chubby. Up.

Funny pictures about Seal Hiccup. Oh, and cool pics about Seal Hiccup. Also, Seal Hiccup photos.

Yeah one girl jumped on another guys back to get the ball away from humans the guy is short an the girl is really tall it looked very awkward

the girls and I on the swim team loved to play water polo in the deep end!

Captain America IRL (sorry if offended)

Captain America IRL

I totally thought of this! Like, segregation was still a thing in Steve's time. Is he not totally weirded out by the fact that the Avengers (and practically the whole world) take orders from a black guy?

Miniature Schnauzer dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at drawDOGS.com #drawDOGS http://drawdogs.com/product/dog-art/miniature-schnauzer-dog-portrait-by-stephen-kline/ He also can add your dog's name into the lithograph.

The miniature schnauzer was exhibited as a breed distinct in the regular schnauzer by 1899 in Germany, even though it wasn't till 1933 that the AKC divided the normal and miniature into separate breeds.