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snuggie to the next level!

If you go surfing in the winter you´ll know the agonizing feeling of getting your suit on outdoors, Napsack comes across as the perfect solution for those freezing mornings. The Napsack can be worn like a puffy coat and is perfect for couch surfing,

I’ve written about her “Collection-a-Day” blog, and I’ve written about the book that came out of that blog, but when I saw the latest mixed media work from San Francisco based illustrator/artist Lisa Congdon, I couldn’t stop myself from writing again… yep, I was in fact, still jealous! I love the color palette, the found paper/images, and don’t even get me started on the tribal patterns around that woman’s neck. Gorgeous!

Rainbow Colors >> Paper images, tribal patterns, mixed media work from San Francisco based illustrator/artist Lisa Congdon.

Schlafsack Defence 4

Schlafsack Defence 4

Cabela’s Alaskan Outfitter All-Weather Lighter

Fire & Fire Starters ❏ Ignition Source (Qty Ultimate Survival Technologies Delta Shock and Storm Proof Lighter - Blaze Orange

Campout With All Your Favorite DJs In The World?!! - Magnetic Magazine

Did Claude VonStroke just announce the ultimate Campout festival?

(Pack of 3) Clever Crates Collapsible Solid Wall Storage Container, Kiwi Green, 46 Liter (48.6 Quart) Clever Crates http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XO1N1XU/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_ALTUvb0QW8R7D (4 sets each - total of 12 per person, me + 6 consultants)

1 Large Storage Large Storage Crates: If the clutter is over taking your house you should build some large DIY Storage Crates to help you out!


15 cheap, creative and cool holders

nautical, sailboat and napkins napkin holder image on We Heart It

Ultima Tactical Knife by CRKT complete with built in pry bar in the handle. The unique handle has "ooze groves" to help channel away water, mud etc as well as providing 22 out of 23 ideal contact points.

Ammunition for zombies. "is not a toy, but is intended only to be used on zombies"

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo is no laughing matter. These 168 grain, Winchester rounds come 20 to a box, and can fly through the air — and straight at the undead's noggin — at an impressive 2700 feet per second.

sweet and simple teardrop

Vintage Teardrop Trailer