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Alhamdulillah,,,thank you so much ALLAH :)

Other Intentions Of The Fast

Alhamdulillah * Who will stop the United States of Israel, stop war in Mideast, stop its police states in North America *

Live for Allah, not for people...

Pleasing people is tiring.make Allah pleased with u.you will gain anything from Him.

The blessings in a prayer. Wow i never knew this. Especially the Fajr.

The poster is not from a Hadith or any other Islamic source! These are motivational words to remind that every success in life comes trough performing your 5 daily salat.

Who is Allah? Al Quran لا بشيءْ من نعمك ربنا نكذب فلك الحمد Ya Allah ! “There are none of your blessings that we deny so praise be to you".

Invoking the name of evil spirits like the demon Allah of Satan can turn u from super-nice Muslim into a not so nice  suicide bomber of not so innocent men, women & children whose demonic souls will own u forever in hottest/coldest hell by the Divine Righteous Judgment of the Holy Spirit of OMNI3perYHV+VHYinChrist+Jesus!+!

allahumma inni as aluk al jannah allahumma inni as aluk al jannah allahumma inni as aluk al jannah


There is no might or power except with Allah ( la hawla wala qoata ila billah )

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"A beautiful du'a: O Allah! Open for me the doors of Jannah and lock the doors of Jahannam from me; help me to recite the Qur'an, O the One who sends down tranquility into the hearts of believers.