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Leave the past behind...move forward to the things that lie before.

I keep telling myself this everyday. Just keep moving on. Can't change the past. One can only try to make better of the future and trust God to guide them along the way.

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The good memories are what drives someone insane. You reflect on the good times. You remember the good times. You enjoy the good times but they are gone. Never to be lived the same ever again.

I love my program be

Train your body over and over again to workout automatically. days a week for 28 minutes. It sets realistic workout goals. but once you get through that 28 minutes it's the most rewarding feeling

Unless it's bad. But you guys are too good for that. I'll post a picture of the wall when I'm done!

I'm only doing the first 10 after I'll take a picture and post it on my chat board

Trust your gut. #inspirationalquote

Cause those alarms may be for your protection. (Holy Spirit/nudges that keep you unsettled —tugging at you)