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Desert Dog Designs is your online source of T-Shirts, Decals, and Stickers for conservative thinkers. We specialize in unique designs in politics, guns and anti-gun control, hunting/fishing themed designs.

Coming clean: the ugly truth about painted floors {and a giveaway!}  This could be good for cleaning that back porch!

The Best Chewy Sugar Cookies

Easy boneless chicken breast recipes for the freezer made w/ boneless chicken breasts. It takes less than 1 hour to prepare these meals and freeze. So Yummy

I'm glad college here is free bit Jesus this stuff needs to be fixed for the Americans

why I hate student loans by brian yu Dear Conservatives, eff you and your corporate buddies.

Also about the same amount for soldiers. Whites, Mexican's and everyone else matter's just as much as the next.

It irritates me no one seems to like to admit how horrid the Europeans were to my people. But of course we all talk about slavery. (Which was still bad, make no mistake). I wish more people would stop hiding that part of history.

"That's what privilege does" it keeps normal smart people from being able to wrap their heads around what a person from another background might have to go through  every day.

SAME EXACT MESSAGE FOR VEGANISM- you don’t want to go vegan? Would you prefer being slaughtered for someone’s breakfast? knowing they’ll suffer the same fate?

The last picture is unfair. Satan can be a pretty decent guy sometimes, no need to compare him to Abbot.

The last picture is unfair. Satan can be a pretty decent guy sometimes, no need to compare him to Abbot.

“Women shouldn’t have muscles, makes them look manly” I’ve actually seen people say that on the internet. It’s almost unbelievable how stupid some people are

I grew up surrounded by bigger build people whom were all at peak health, so it never occurred to me that people didn't realize that healthy has different looks.

Awww...Lucas is my favorite kid on kid's react...!!

Awww...Lucas is my favorite kid on kid's react...!!

This is Australian culture. <<< I should look for more australian culture

45 Fucking Hilarious Tumblr Posts From Australians In 2017

The Muppets had far more sense, though.

Bern: I received a place Red Ribbon to prove I won the primary election.McCain: "And Your Still a Democrat!Bern: Your one to talk!

The only time I ever get mad it's like not even at the staff. There's this big grocery store in my town that hires like 4 people to run it and I'm constantly mad at the owners for not hiring more people to run their goddamn megaplex. But not at the staff who are just doing their damned best

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Being an atheist means no more than this: I can be a good person without a god to scare me into it.

This is why I think secular morality trumps religious morality. Religious people do good things so they look good to their sky daddy. Atheists do good things because we have empathy and common sense.