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Student pilot brain farts - we ALL had them. I'm surprised that a lot of controllers aren't taking tranquilizers. Then again, there are controllers who definitely aren't cut out for the job and make pilots want to undergo a lobotomy!

Subaru humor

Here's and Outback, towing an Outback, parked outback, of Outback!

Yep! I actually saw one at the mall a few years back. Made my day :)

Wait, is that a ... ?

oh my gosh the number plate//Hold On, That’s a // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Blinker fluid!

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PENN STATE – PATERNO – Joe Paterno. WE ARE!...

The most winningest coach in college football history. RIP Joe Pa i-live-to-love-and-laugh-a-lot