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Daedric Artifacts (Skyrim)

Daedric Artifacts (Skyrim)

The Black Star - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: You first hear whispers about the Shrine of Azura by asking the barkeep at the Bannered Mare, at which point you are given this miscellaneous task to.

Skyrim with lots of mods. Not photoshop. holyshit ! , badass realistic graphics ! *.*

Skyrim with lots of mods. Not photoshop.

Couldn't bring myself to kill Barbus

Clavicus Vile , Daedric Prince of Power, Trickery, Wishes, Serenity and Bargains.

Beautiful Skyrim Logo.

Skyrim was the best experience I've had since my childhood playing Fable the lost chapters

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Amulet of Mara - a legendary pendant and mighty symbol of Goddess of Love. This amulet is most well known by its ability to open new dialogue options ra. Amulet of Mara


In Our Hearts We're Still Thieves

Dark Brotherhood by Lauryn-M

I'm beginning to create designs, so this one's entirely made up by myself. I wanted to do something that represents best the Dark Brotherhood from.

Dances-with-shadows when he was 13 and before his eyes shifted from the fiery orange to their current silver. The eye change was a side effect of a misfired Alteration spell. He scared Walks-on-moonlight while he was trying to transmute copper to silver and got spell-shot in the face.

Kroag Frostwhisper an argonian Dovahkiin who serves his godess Azura faithfully. From the game TESV Skyrim Кроаг, в&. Kroag the Dovahkiin


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