fucking kidshom

homestuck comic jake english jake jane crocker Jane condesce tricksters long post i hope i got this right omgfg

Does anyone else love how they do the Megidos' hair? It's great. It truly is.

Actually I don't really like the whole aquariumstuck idea (I think it's kinda lame, no offence) but this comic is really cuteeee!

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Homestuck has gone underwater, I repeat, it has gone underwater.<==Homestuck is everywhere my friend

(Terrible photo joining I know haha sorry) credit to @jackvalkyrie on tumblr. i always felt really bad for Meenah idk why.

Freakin Rekt it Ralph I swear to god

OMFG JOHN IS JUST "Hi Karkat" and I can't stop laughing EVERYTIME I read those two words from John in any aquariumstuck piece!!! XDDDDD

Karkats face on the last one made me laugh XD ==> OMG Dave's a penguin.