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Since starting this 2 weeks ago my nights are deep sleeping now! My brain also doesn't do 90 miles an hour either before falling asleep. I'm no longer a skeptic!

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she was like, 'Put your big girl panties on.' And I was like, 'Psh, I drink PLEXUS SLIM. I threw my big girl panties away months ago!

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So glad I decided to to start my journey with Rodan and Fields. One month in and I got promoted and a raise. Mark my words, I WILL be quitting my day job in the next months. I don't love it because I sell it, I sell it because I love it.

Plexus slim tips on when to drink the "pink drink"

Plexus Slim Tip: Don't over-And please note that this photo is not compliant, although it is a direct quote.

It is amazing what losing 24 pounds feels like. Indpendent Ambassador 200569

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Words From a Double Diamond

Words From a Double Diamond

Sunday motivation to get ready for the week

" Not a diet.it's a lifestyle.but everyday. Not to feel good in my clothes.but to feel good in my skin. Not to win.but to meet my goals. Not to pretend I'm young.but to age gracefully"

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