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The older bulls of the Zambezi Valley have a few tricks up their sleeves... and this is the one I love to see best. Seeing these behemoths r...

An elephant stands on its back legs to reach high leaves with its trunk in a forest at Mana Pools, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Zimbabwe. Photographer Morkel Erasmus captured this behaviour, which has made the Mana Pools elephants famous but has.

African elephant

♂ Wildlife photography animal elephant "Tanzania, Arusha, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, East Africa“ by Lonely Planet Images

This Infinite Paradox

Painting my life black and white; Leaving it B&W would be boring, My triumphs are the accent of my life. we have experienced and we have learned Life.

Happy and wet elephant

Look at this elephant taking a shower. Now look at your life. Now back at the elephant. And back at your life. Cry a little because you're not as happy as this shower-taking elephant.

Elephant approach from the front  African Elephant

Elephant approach from the front - African Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) approach from the front - Etosha National Park (Namibia)~ Johan Swanepoel

RUSH -Brian Jarvi Art Big Five Series of African Wildlife Artist Brian Jarvi - the Big Five SeriesBrian Jarvi

RUSH -Brian Jarvi Artwork Limited Edition Reproductions of African Wildlife Artist Brian Jarvi - Limited Edition Reproductions Brian Jarvi