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Clearly a black car in the perfect spot near the white car, but still awesome.

The cast having fun

The cast having fun

"Harry potter world . pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter" << THE MOVIE! A couple of funny pictures of the cast will never make me think differently about the books.

Some of them are sad, some of them are written in the book, and some of them aren't true but it's still pin-worthy.  Poor Fred! Saddest death in the series.

So many great things about the Harry Potter Universe. It was my childhood. Killed me. I wish she wrote Dudley into the epilogue because him having a magical child would be so amazing

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The Best Place For Reading - Harry Potter reading nook.

Harry Potter

What 10 Harry Potter Actors Said About Their Roles. I love Harry Potter actors.

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Harry, this is why no one believes you when you make accusations. However, he was right when Draco was trying to kill Dumbledore, but no one believed him to to past accusations.<<< boy who cried wolf

What I learned from Harry Potter

Harry Potter life lessons- made me tear up! I heart HP. Always.

Ц-arry Potter facts The rnal PaRT -itzditto 1. M.O. McGonagall is listed on one of the Quidditch trophy's in the movies. It has never been confirmed whether it was Minerva McGonagall or someone related to her, but it would explain her Quidditch enthusiasm. 3. Dumbledore’s wand was a very

Harry Potter Facts 9 (The Final Part) - (Re and if McGonagall was in school with Tom Riddle, she didn't play Quidditch with James Potter. I have no idea how many of these are true, but they're fun.

Harry Potter Facts Part 8. I knew the one about Snape!

Funny pictures about Facts you probably didn't know about Harry Potter. Oh, and cool pics about Facts you probably didn't know about Harry Potter. Also, Facts you probably didn't know about Harry Potter.

Snaaaaaape. You are the bravest man I have known in my life...

Funny pictures about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Oh, and cool pics about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Also, The Seven Stages Of Denial photos.

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1  The James and Lily part made me tear up!

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1

Just Some Harry Potter Facts because I really am an HP geek.

Los hechizos de Harry Potter!!!... - Taringa!

>Every Harry Potter spell - Sunshine Daisy Bottom Mellow Turn this Stupid Fat Rat Yellow hp spell list

i like the dragon and voldemort the best

You're a cat, Harry.

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my exact reaction! Why not hide it in the most sacred place huh?! DUMBASS!

Harry Potter Meets Lolcatz

I know this is supposed to be a mean girls reference but I Don't know if it's just me but I like the ending in the book alot more. When Harry repairs his wand then puts the elder wand back in Dumbledore s tomb.