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I'm Suga on the outside and V on the inside

Why suga why! All of us here are dying for v to be like that yo us and you just don give a fu not fair (๑°´ ³ `๑)

Suga and Jungkook

Suga el pasivo de todos

Reakcje BTS na różne rzeczy związane z Tobą. [Teksty nie należą do mn… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Reakcje BTS 🌹

찬열 — when you show your friends a kpop music video

V and Suga

V & Suga /// BTS /// Look at these to cuties (♡●♡) xxx

V has a habit of squinting his left eye a little. ^.^

Suga V ~ Mnetkcon is over~ I’ll work hard in preparing for comeback>:D

TaeTae and Suga! ^^#Cute

Get well soon Suga and Taehyung, ARMY always love you and here for you.

And the final masterpiece; J-Hope taking a photo of Jin taking a photo of Jimin taking a photo of V who very obviously got permission to take a photo of Suga.

26 Reasons BTS Should Be Your New Favorite Boyband

Read Fotos from the story BTS Memes. V sacándole una foto a Suga, que ta bien bueno 🌚