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!! Sweetyyy

Well, I don't know about Monday but you certainly made my Friday suck a little less! Thanks, RDJ :)

Stark and Strange

Marvel smilarities between Tony Stark/Iron Man sand Stephen Strange/Dr.

American correctional facilities are just not up to snuff.

Why Robert Downey Jr doesn't speak french.they don't teach french in jail

I mean, Earl Grey might work, but British people don’t seem to age anyway...anyone seen Thomas Brodie-Sangster?

How certain substances affect the aging process - I think I'll stick with Earl Grey Tea and Money!

Robert Downey Jr Quote  Hilarious!  I LOVE him!!

Funny pictures about Robert Downey Jr. and his monkeys. Oh, and cool pics about Robert Downey Jr. and his monkeys. Also, Robert Downey Jr. and his monkeys.

Robert’s birthday request… Thousands of cats will be fostered on April 4th

Robert’s birthday request…

Funny pictures about Robert's birthday request. Oh, and cool pics about Robert's birthday request. Also, Robert's birthday request.

Avengers, ASSEMBLE! ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring marvel and quotes

When people make fun of how short I am, this is what I always think. Hey, I am ridiculously adorable!

Common side effect - Imgur

Common side effect

Robert Downey Jr Quote: I Don’t Drink These Days I Am Allergic To Alcohol And Narcotics.

Tony Stark GIF - www.gifsec.com

He just really deserves being grabbed by the face/throat on a regular basis. Comes with being a jerk. Tony Strak is an amazingly complex good-hearted person.