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Park Minhyuk / Rocky | Astro

Rocky - he's so cute like, ASTRO and him physically hurt me

Sanha ♡ Never give up on the lovely things that make you happy ♡

Astro - Sanha At first I thought that was jin from BTS

[16.12.16] Astro official Fancafe - SanHa

[16.12.16] Astro official Fancafe - SanHa

아스트로 (@offclASTRO) | Twitter

Behind the scenes of the mini album - EunWoo Is he even real?

Cha EunWoo ☆ Out of the billion of stars, you are the brightest ☆

Cha EunWoo "Yes you biscuit we will rule ur heart soon ~ evil laugh muahahaha"


160508 IG update "Today Is parents day~~~~^^ Mother father! I always love you and thank you Wooeng! You do the greeting too. kk make sure to say you love them to your parents ~

#ASTRO #Rocky

*closes eyes bc too much cuteness in one picture*