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LOL Funny dog!

You’d never know we had a big, grassy, fenced yard. Not by all the turds in our garage, anyway.

Hans, the Easter doxie: obviously not happy with being a rabbit...

Not a big fan of the costume. dachshunds-the-mightiest-dog-species-ever

The movies starting so where's the popcorn?!!!

I love it when they superman out like this! Barney does this on the floor with a ball in his mouth to "lounge".

Dad's Cooking

Drabble Does a Doxie Right

I love dachshunds, ok fine- if not on the beach,then I will gladly go under. So far, no rule on under. grrrrr

so I'll just dig until the sign falls down!


Baylee bringing home the mail via I Love Dachshunds

What a Story

Cute picture but don't see any dachshund stuff on that link? Has doxiementary banner but all info about payday loans, etc.


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