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(Pinning this again) "Forget this tea and scone crap I'm getting me some pie"

Oh my god! where do I pin this? My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board? Make a crossover board and pin it there? Ok double pinning it is :) pinning for the fan girl comment

Apparently, Martin Freeman knows that we compare him to a hedgehog... He and his wife went on Tumblr one day

That's exactly I would picture his response. J squared too. ---- The best part is that in real life Misha ships Destiel

Doctor Who - Supernatural - Sherlock - Merlin - Harry Potter

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Merlin. the doctors thinking about bunkbeds.

How supernatural should end

I can't decide if I should put this on my Doctor Who board or my Supernatural board hah! Strange visitor by Tsuki-Nekota on DeviantArt

e4b02c1f02fd5be8e5767042bc7e7bb7.jpg (236×592)

SuperWho / Destiel AU, part While working a case, Sam and Dean discover a startling secret about their childhood friend, Rose Tyler. I don't even ship destiel

Every. Frikking. Season!<I thought like final tests from school. Well still makes sense *clapping to the death*

The fact that this actually fits into the song perfectly makes it 100000000 times better