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Si recordáis, cuando anunciábamos el wargame internacional Global CyberLympics había una categoría de ataque de lock picking o ganzuado , e...

Lock picking is a Prepper skill worth learning. Doing a bit of research and a little practice, you’ll be able to open your own locks and never need a locksmith

Blacksmithing: Useful Hobby and Survival Skill | Self-sufficiency Project For All Preppers The Key To Survival By Survival Life survivallife.com/...

When it comes to survival skills, blacksmithing is one that often seems to go overlooked. Survivalists tend to focus more on learning survival skills like hunting, finding and building shelter, nav…

Esta estufa cohete, en Dinamarca, no sólo calienta el banco de cob sino que también, excepcionalmente,una escalera central.

Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build: Ianto Evans, Leslie Jackson


Decoración con Mason Jars


Box fan, cooler, pump, copper tubing, and ice water. Uses concept of evaporative cooling to cool a single room.

lds 72 hour emergency kit - Buscar con Google

Snow, ice, power outages can leave you loved one in need. This list is a little extreme for an elderly parent. Many things can be edited - and should be. The 72 hour kit should be light enough to lift.