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News of antibiotic-resistant superbugs has made consumers think twice about the quality of meat they buy.

How to know what produce your buying....organic vs conventional vs GMO

How to determine if you are getting GMO free produce from the UPC bar code numbers

Please SHARE & Boycott these so called Organic producers: they are trying to defeat ballot measure 37 for GMO labeling in California which must mean they are using GMO's in their products.

Food infographic Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling Boycott the trait

Bad food

We Now Know Kelloggs in the US Uses GMO in FruitLoops & 4 FoodDyes that are banned in countries!

Aspartame is so bad for you!  Please don't eat Aspartame aka fake sugar found in gums, diet drinks, and sugar-free foods. @ heather Jaye , @holly rivers

What Are The Effects Of Aspartame?

http://gmoinside.org/chemical-cartel/ GMO Insiders Did you know that 6 multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market and they are in cahoots?  When a handful of corporations own the world’s seed, pesticide and biotech industries, they control the fate of food and farming. Between them, Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont control the global seed, pesticide and agricultural biotechnology markets.

Chemical Cartel Six multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market, and they’re in cahoots. When a handful of corporations own the.

Monsanto is the creator of many chemicals and products linked to cancer and other health problems. Join the Food Revolution Network and get the news and insights you need for healthy food: foodrevolution.org

But yet they claim they're just good 'ole boy's bringing families together around the GMO filled dinner table!

Top GMO Brands To Avoid - https://www.pinterest.com/RebaRossetti/activism-no-gmo/

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Identifying Foods That Are GMO Based and How To Avoid Them - Biggies Boxers

GMO labeling

We label toilet seats, blankets, pillow cases, stuffed animals. shouldn't we label our food?

MONSANTO started 1901 to make saccharin (carcinogen?) . . . production based on chemicals including toxic polychorinated biphenyls (PCBs) & dioxin linked to liver damage, neurological, immune, endocrine, & reproductive systems. Best seller ROUNDUP kills every plant it touches, & Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. Now GMOs, genetically modified organisms . . . seeds . . . who ever controls seeds controls the world's food supply . . .

Monsanto: An Evil Empire

The real windfall came when the chemical giant Monsanto, now calling .

Stop buying their poison. Your government won't help, but your buying choices will.

Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired, team dismantled - by: Jonathan Benson

Check out this SCARY report on #Monsanto and its history from Food & Water Watch. #GMOs

Five Reasons Monsanto’s ‘Science’ Doesn’t Add Up By Ronnie Cummins and Katherine Paul Global Research, March 2014 EcoWatch 28 February 2014 Theme: Biotechnology and GMO, Environment