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#HappybirthdayTylerHoechlin https://t.co/DKLSuBsZIW"

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Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale. He is incredibly beautiful. Don't look at me. that's awesome

could this man be any hotter. Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale from Teen Wolf soo SEXY!

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#wattpad #werewolf *Completed*  "In the end, the guy doesn't change for the girl, the girl is still broken and they don't end up together."  He was cold He was tormented He was cruel He was ruthless He was powerful  He couldn't love  He killed He was the alpha of doom  She was fragile  She was sweet She was kind She...

Alpha of doom - Chapter 10- The hard truth

Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale

Tyler Hoechlin is a made of sunshine and rainbows and yet when Derek Hale smiles it really creeps me out!

Tyler Hoechlin | Derek Hale

That face, that nose, that eyes, that stubble.the fuck you face Tyler Hoechlin wears so well