The Flower Girls Dresses, can't wait to see them it!!!!

Every little girl should have a glitter photo shoot. (Heck, I'm a big girl and I need a glitter photo shoot!)~For Simone, but with purple glitter instead~J

sweet idea...take photos of your young daughter in your wedding dress and give her the photos on her wedding day...

on your wedding day, take a picture of your flower girl in your dress hide it until her wedding day then give it to her! Also get a picture of your daughter(s) in your wedding dress at like age 5 and then give to them on their wedding day!

Mommy and daughter time. I love painting baby toes!

25 things to do for your daughter. This is a must-read for all mothers with daughters. This made me cry as I thought of both my mom and my daughter. I love you Randi!

Adorable! Mitzel babies???

beautiful sunlight, bubbles and a pink tub. LOVE the pink bathtub and bubbles. how sweet.

Omg this is a must for my little diva glam photoshoot it is

would love to do this with Sammy and Charlee. more jewelry, makeup, and hair accessories laying around tho. major mess but would prob be freakin adorable.

Sister and me

It made me stop and think how blessed we are for simple things like pictures! Pictures of adorable children can't help but make you smile.

Cute photo idea

An indoor snow session with styrofoam pellets. This would help since we don't get that much snow in TX. Just be prepared to clean up the mess.

Love this. Just need to figure out which lens to use

sparkle- blowing glitter and confetti towards the camera.good idea for New Year's Eve