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"Disco Collar" Nightwing redesign, by "DG-Doodles" I'm gonna draw this.

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14368710_1739019649697085_6653394172777940461_n.jpg (960×960)

Duke Thomas

Lark may have the dual distinction of having the best and worst bat-family costume. I personally loved it the moment I saw it, literally like whoa….

Golden Age Green Lantern and The Batman

Golden Age Green Lantern & Batman - note Bats shoulder holster as he originally carried a gun.

If Superheroes were sponsored by Brands

Branded superheroes

If Superheroes were sponsored.Red Bull Flash (Art by Roberto Vergati Santos)

Spiderman batman?

To Soar… Who is this or is this a Batman redesign.- the French batman I think he's called nightrunner