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Yeah, that happens more times then I care to admit!

In this pin you find my husband's thoughts on life. "And if you run out of milk while still eating a cookie, you clearly need some more milk." -quote from my husband

Hahahahahaha!! Oooooh, buuurrrnnnn! - this is in no way toward any ex's new GFs...but wow....had to repin..

Lolol omg I'm crying. Lol I wish I could talk to my ex's new girlfriend. Problem is, I can't bark.


I'm glad it's the thought that counts because.I thought about going on a diet and working out before I ate an entire cake and took a nap.

Stalking is all fun and games. Until you accidently press the Like-button.

Every, Time. EVERY TIME.-- Stalking is all fun and games until you accidentally press the 'like' button.

I know the feeling. So, so well.

I had to pin this because my son actually did this! He asked if there were pb cups cause his mom really likes them! I love that kid! Good looking out for your mom!

Stop it!  As a children's party designer, this made me laugh extra loud!

Cinderella party - This is what I should do next year if Stephanie wants a Cinderella themed party!

Haha i workout because i love sweets and i like to workout too i guess.  Decisions, decisions. Have no-sugar added desserts!

No Sugar Added - Skinny Desserts

I must be one lmao

Yes, I am a control freak and that's why all of my work gets done correctly, thank you very much!

This is so true and funny

That awkward moment when you realize that you just punished your kid for acting exactly like you. Sorry mini me.

And all the people said, Amen!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: It just isn't Christmas unless you push your body to the brink of alcholism and diabetes.

haha was this written for me? @breannaotool

funny ecards don't need personal trainer need someone to slap unhealthy foods out of my hand