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Your attorney works on your team, but you need to allow him or her adequate access to pertinent information and to you. A team doesn’t function well when one member fades away. Your divorce is a process, and you need to make yourself available to your attorney as the process plays out.

Divorce is stressful; Your divorce is probably not your finest hour, and Read More.

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5 Tips to Help You Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Utah

5 Tips to Help You Choose a Divorce Lawyer in Utah

Here are some tips to help you get the right divorce attorney for you. If you need legal help, call the lawyers who care Ascent Law will help you

3 Questions to Ask When Marriage and Couples Counseling Isn't Working

Property division in divorce can be complicated, so be sure to consult with an experienced family law attorney to identify potential property issues.

For many people, getting a final judgment of divorce is ending a chapter of life. Whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, there is a certain sense of closure and a new lease on life that comes with having a divorce finalized. Read on for a discussion of issues that recently-divorced people often encounter.

The right family law attorney will have the right experience, a team approach, be honest and open about all your legal expenses and respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Modified No Fault Divorce in Missouri – What Does that Mean?

Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation :: Missouri is a modified no-fault divorce state.

It is often said that January is the “divorce month.” January, it is said, sees the most divorce filings because people wait until the holidays are over to begin divorce proceedings. However, January is not the top month for divorce filings, according to one study. The study found that March and August were the months with the highest levels of divorce filings.

How to Serve Divorce Papers in Utah - Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney - DP Law Offices of David Pedrazas PLLC in Utah

"Pro-Se" Protection: Representing Yourself

Divorce Lawyers: They Aren't There To Give Emotional Support - Divorced Moms