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Fun game based learning and assessment.

Kahoot is a fun and engaging assessment tool that seems more like a game to students. Teachers creative quizzes that students answer from phones, tablets, or computers. Results are calculated to show commonly missed problems.

Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding | Edutopia

Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

Through alternative formative assessment, teachers can check for student understanding without falling back on the tedious or intimidating pop quiz.

Pick Me! is an app that makes sure every student has a chance to show the teacher what they know in class. The app randomly selects a student in the class to answer a question. The teacher can then select a thumbs up (correct) and thumbs down (incorrect) button. The data is then saved so that the teacher can see how each student did that day. The teacher can then use the app to track student progress throughout the year. This could be used as an informal formative assessment in any class.

is tool to randomly select students. The teacher is able to record correct and incorrect answers and track student responses. This app ensures everyone gets a chance to participate and allows you to easily monitor student response.

Lesson plans based on movies and film. Or just a great place to get good movie choices for the kids.

Movie Lesson Plans Based on Films that will Inspire and Motivate Students; Movie Lesson Plans for High School, Middle School, Elementary and Home School

Digital Approaches to Formative Assessment

Digital Approaches to Formative Assessment

events in instruction - assessment time


Formative assessment idea banks: Assessment Time provides ideas and pointers to assess understanding. Different methods could be used for different lessons to check for understanding

The GoClass app is useful for teachers who want to embrace 21st Century Learning. This app allows teachers to make their lessons completely digital. The lecture and assessments are completed on the iPad. The teacher can see how long the students spent on an assignment and provide immediate feedback. The Scribble feature allows students to complete assessments that demonstrate their knowledge. This could be used as a formative assessment to see how well the students understood the lesson.

GoClass is a app great for the classroom to allow teachers to broadcast content directly to student devices. Virtual white board drawing allows for collaboration and real-time assessment reports.

using iPad apps to create | guest post on teachmama.com by @Susan Stephenson | #digitalliteracy #weteach

using iPad apps to create

"Creative thinking is incredibly important to children’s future learning, and finding opportunities for kids to create rather than consume via technology is fantastic.

Good to know for future reference.....Locking an iPad so students stay on the app that you assigned.

Lock iPAD screen & iPhone screen so kids stay within the app

How to lock iPad or iPhone screen so kids stay in the app! I did this and now Sarah won't be changing apps constantly!

MasteryContent Student is another app that replaces paper assignments, test, quizzes, and common formative assessments with those on an iPad or mobile device. Educators are able to assess and track mastery of state and Common Core standards while sharing common assessments and connecting in a professional online community.

MasteryConnect Student on the App Store

How to easily use green screen technology in your class.... FOR FREE (just need green butcher paper and iMovie)

Summer Fun Movie How to easily use green screen technology in your class. FOR FREE (just need green butcher paper and iMovie) This is a great tutorial!

This great infographic helps teachers and principals determine which professional development publication meets their specific goals.

This well-organized graphic helps teachers and principals determine which professional development resource will specifically touch upon and areas that need to be addressed during any stage or area of development.

Great collection of resources for virtual field trips around the world.

Virtual Field Trips: Using the Internet to Transport Kids Around the World

Virtual field trips is a great idea to explore the world without leaving the classroom! Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips Around the World! Love the live webcams.

Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class - YouTube Classroom managements is a critical in the differentiated classroom. In GES~ the Next Step we help teachers set up their classroom so differentiation CAN take place. Register for the seminar http://www.iagcgifted.org/images/stories/pdf/Next%20Step-GES2013.pdf

"Teach Like a Champion" - Author Doug Lemov shows how teachers use the technique to get everyone's attention during a class.