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The fuck is this Im dying hahahah XD

amaryllisweiss: “I couldn’t find the words to describe this ”

sebastian michaelis genderbend - Buscar con Google

sebastian michaelis genderbend - Buscar con Google

showersexiscomplex: “ Good Morning! ” Good morning! (^v^)

Anime Black Butler Alois Trancy Sebastian Michaelis Ciel Phantomhive Claude Faustus Mobile Wallpaper <-- love when seb carries him like this

Princes of Kuroshitsuji by blitzdragonking Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji Snake

The Kuroshitsuji characters make a guess appearance in 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams entitled 'Dream Butler'

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji, Fandoms, Fandom

black butler, kuroshitsuji, and manga image

The Akuma 1 Sebastian Michaelis, 2 Ciel Phantomhive, 3 Undertaker, 4 Grell Sutcliff, 5 Vincent Phantomhive and 6 Charles Grey.