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Pin by Julia(: on Funny | Pinterest

Pin by Julia(: on Funny

I tried doing this on the bus....everyone stared at me like wtf

I tried doing this on the bus....everyone stared at me like wtf

Scary, Macabre

Scary, Macabre

Everyone can be safe now I have immunity cat, gecko and golden Freddy. Those pins can't hurt me

I have GoldenFreddy Immunity Cat and Immunity puppy

I didnt know gosts could write

this is scary for me, bcuz a boy in my school named Michael died

Hope this counts as 20 people cause I don't wanna send it to my friends I hate these...but u never kno

I don't have 20 friends to send this to, so imma just rp

I'm posting this because it's funny not because I'd rather not die. It's the exact opposite actually.

Spongebob & one of the best episodes eva!

Not worth the chance

I pinned this cuz it kinda scared me.

He he and Cas on Pinterest

Pin by Tay Cutler on Funny things

she doesn't even drive but i ain't riskin' it

I know this isn’t funny but I’m not risking it

...Why are these a thing??

Wouldnt skip this for the world

NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES <<< Fuck It.. Not Tonight Carmen. Lul maybe some other time kay?

Repost or die.

People makes these things for popularity not for respect. REBLOG THIS IF U THINK THESE ARE STUPID

This aint true guys

3 times this yer my dad has come %99.99 close to death I'm not taking any chances!

I don't want daddy tom to die!