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The Young Avengers (and the Runaways) meeting Noh Varr

The Young Avengers (and the Runaways) meeting Noh Varr

The Runaway Bride [gifset] - Love the way Donna tries to protect the Doctor <<-- Love that about her ♥♥

The Runaway Bride [gifset] - The Doctor Donna, Queen of Sass ♥♥

Black Widow - Iron Man 2, The Avengers, and upcoming movie Captain America 2.

Scarlett Johansson Is a Redhead Again: Check Out the Evolution of Her Black Widow Hair

Black Widow - Iron Man The Avengers, and upcoming movie Captain America (Not a fan of the straight hair.) I love her hair in iron man 2

Scene from The Runaway King drawn by Pelerel_Apple from Twitter. She has some amazing talent!

I try drawing comic style ; hope it's ok. The Ascendance Trilogy : The Runaway King by Jennifer A. fan art by Pelerel.

Outlander S03E05 - Jamie & Claire.

Outlander S03E05 - Jamie & Claire.

best hahahaha. Loved Donna Noble and the Doctor (:

DW Challenge: Day Favorite Special Episode - The Runaway Bride. This was a hilarious episode though. Loved Donna Noble from the first minute. So freaking funny!

I like these facts

I like these facts

Just Some Facts To Broaden Your Knowledge. The penguin fact melted my heart.

Wonder Woman Costume Evolution [Infographic] from 1941, through Lynda Carter, to Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman Costumes: The Evolution of a Superheroine [Infographic]

Evolution of Wonder Woman Costume - Movie Infographic. Topic: dccomics, superman - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

First Grade Wow: Falling For Force and Motion

Next week we will begin a science unit on force and motion. We will investigate how things move and what changes can occur.

Best response to the last users comment, if it's supernatural 90% chance it's a real thing that happened or was said lol

Take the milkshake Cas! [puts milkshake in front of him and every boy on earth comes into the yard] Ō.