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Go Kart Club of America - Rod And Custom Magazine

It was here that the first karting club, the Go Kart Club of America (GKCA), was formed in 1957 - Rod And Custom Magazine

We have completed our first Electric Gentleman's Bike, variously known as the Speedster, and the Indian Canyon Flyer. The bike retains pedals in order to qualify it as a bicycle. The bike is really a

Custom Electric | Indian Canyon Flyer | Street Racer

1915 Indian We have nearly completed our first Custom Electric Indian Canyon Flyer, and it promises to be as spectacular as the original Indian motorcycle. The Indian Canyon Flyer takes its frame from

One Wheel Motorcycle Vintage 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo

One Wheel Motorcycle Vintage 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo

Invented by M. Goventosa de Udine in the one wheeled motorcycle. Little is known about de Udine (not shown), even if he was the sole inventor. What is known is that this one wheeled motorcycle could reach speeds of How's that for scary steampunk!


If carts aren't scary enough, just add a jet engine!