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Your preschooler or big kid will go BANANAS for this healthy afternoon (or morning) snack! Make a banana into an adorable dolphin with this easy food art trick.

funny fruits and vegetables Amanda and Nanner!

Amazing Food Art by Carl Kleiner #food_art #food art

Animals made of Vegetables by Carl Kleiner (Eggplant Zebra!

Que o seu dia já tenha começado divertido! Ótimo domingo por aqui queridos!!!

Apple Elephant - they say elephants never forget it turns out apple's help us achieve (close) to the same thing

teapot carved from watermelon

Amazing food art Teapot made from a watermelon.

delfin bananer | https://lomejordelaweb.es/

Dolphin bananas--fun and healthy snacks for kids or fruit-loving adults!

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wonderful idea for Easter . very creative

Beautiful Cabbage Flower by Sistersmine

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Watermelon Carvings

Watermelon Carvings

Las salchichas son uno de los alimentos más populares, y es que son fáciles de preparar debido a su gran versatilidad y delicioso sabor. Estoy segura que jamás las has comido de las formas que te mostraremos a continuación.

16 Diferentes y divertidas maneras de comer salchichas

With hot dogs as a nose.

Cogumelos de rabanetes. Lindos!

This simple radish is easy to make, yet looks so cute when it is done. Just a few cuts and a bit of imagination is all you need to have a radish mushroom of

27 IDEEN FÜR KREATIVES KINDERESSEN Es ist nicht immer leicht, Kinder zum Essen…

Dessert in der lunch box, Ideen .

*.* delfin bananer ^^ Pinterest | https://pinterest.com/lamiapiccolacucina/

Dolphin bananas healthy snacks for kids

Planning a party? Preparing for Memorial Day weekend? Add a fun twist to your party garnishes with this fun and easy parrot garnish made from a pineapple.  Steps: 1) Cut off the top of the pineapple 2) Round out the top to form the head 3) Slice the leaves, leaving a few at the end for the tail 4) Cut off the section between the head and body; secure with a toothpick 5) Use a toothpick to add 2 leaves for arms, 1 carrot for a nose and 2 blueberries for eyes. Enjoy with your favorite…

Parrot garnish made from a pineapple. Enjoy with your favorite beverage

Octopus dip. . . With artichoke dip, cheese ball, shrimp dip?

Bell pepper octopus and cream cheese dip! Dye the dip blue with some food coloring to step it up a notch! use hummus or other veggie dips. The octopus is a fun idea