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The little girl on the left, who is not being shy about her feelings on having to pose for this picture: | 22 Kids Who Are Totally Over Taking Their Photo With Santa

22 Kids Who Are Totally Over Taking Their Photo With Santa


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Alors bien sûr, si on cherche bien, des photos de famille bien nazes, on en a tous. Et si on sortait les vieux dossiers, ça serait pas joli joli. Mais quand on regarde celles là, on se rassure. Et on

Top 38 des photos de famille super kitsch, et même carrément flippantes

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Twin Gives the Finger on Santa's Lap: F**k you santa! This cute little girl and her twin sister are flipping the bird for their Christmas photo with Santa.

The 29 Most Unforgettable Memes Of Bye Felicia The 1995 film Friday gifted us the best way to dismiss someone of little importance. Felicia's the girl whose presence adds nothing to the current situation. So, you bid her farewell.

November 5th is Redhead Day, as a redhead I have a duty to at least make this small redhead themed dump. - Imgur

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Holds a Warning Sign ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

This is how I feel 90% of the time

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Say what

Funny pictures about Baby punch. Oh, and cool pics about Baby punch. Also, Baby punch.