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You know you're reading a good book when you have to cover up the next page so you don't read ahead. 28 Totally Relatable Quotes About Books

Sorry it's blurry but lol true

pretty much. This is worse than a zombie apocalypse! Next thing u know, girls are raiding bookstores and kidnapping guys to become their fictional boyfriends! It's sick! xD)<< that is a wonderful description.

I'm pretty sure I annoy people when we go to see movies....>>>> I was doing this when I went to go see The 5th Wave... And Sea of Monsters... And Divergent...

This is totally me! You should have seen me watching the first hunger games movie! I was like wow, did these people even read the book!

That's me... no I'm kidding that's Shailene Woodley. But she's representing the story of my life.

Aimee Finnicky from The Spectacular Now Hazel Lancaster from The Fault in our Stars Tris Prior from the Divergent series

Jace, Draco, Percy, Four, Peeta or you know any shadow hunter, wizard, demigod,numbered name or victor.

To be my boyfriend you have to be a shadowhunter, a wizard, a demigod, an insanely attractive boy with a number for a name, or a victor of the hunger games. I'm going to die alone.