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Hello! A nice e-card for someone

I think it's a wombat - smiling!

I love me some Tuna! Go follow him on Instagram! @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna aka Phteven - The Rescue Dog That Looks Perpetually Uncomfortable…

baby wombat | Baby Wombat Australia Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 13749378

Photo about Baby wombat from australia curled in man's hands - 13749378

OMG melt your heart video. Douglas the wombat and his human. Douglas loves a belly rub in the sun. So sweet!!

Watch Douglas in action! Douglas The Wombat Really Loves Belly Rubs And It Is Adorable


Here's our list of the best funny animal photos of the year. Albino donkey, born on 18 July at the Bitterfeld zoo in Greppin, Germany (Photo: Imago /


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Shrek the hairless wombat, who lost his hair due to a fungal condition caused by poor diet and the stress of being orphaned, is seen at the Maryknoll Wildlife Shelter, Melbourne, Australia

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Trying Vegemite / Marmite for the first time.

Otters don’t like watermelon! This face made me burst out laughing! OTTERS ARE SO AWESOME even if they don't like watermelon, I forgive them.

http://blog.ludevie.com.br/viajar-com-animais-na-cabine/ Viagem | Travel | Turismo | Viajar com Animais

Jawn travels the world during hiatus. I should pin this on my Sherlock board but this is too adorable to not be on this one. <----- It's not even funny how badly and for how long I've wanted a pet hedgehog

What cute little "oinker"

Dawww so cute! My future tea cup pig pet :)

FAVORITE ANIMAL. [wombat] <3

FAVORITE ANIMAL. [wombat] <3


Today: A playful panda, a floating city, and a very lucky wildebeest.

very small and round baby wombat (it hasn't grown into its claws yet...)

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Community Post: 20 Utterly Adorable Pictures To Convince You That Wombats Are The Future


しぐさに萌える♪猫画像 on

hover cat here.--from underneath- flat- fat -cat