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You can't buy happiness but you can buy shoes, and that's sort of the same thing!

Work attitude

funny text message got fired boss told me to leave problems at door told him to step outside dad laughs can't wait to tell your mom this


i guess i have a pointless talent. fun fact: i also have a pointless talent for writing things upside down and backwards.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics candy, jokes, truth

If candies had honest slogans.These are awesome! Milk flavored paper covered in chocolate and cement for your teeth!

18 Perfect Tweets About Growing Up With A Unique Name

The "Growing Up With My Name" Hashtag Captures What It's Like Having A Unique Name

Struggle of having a unique name: Just letting people mispronounce your name because you're tired of correcting them.

I'm not saying she's a slut but...her favorite shade of lipstick is penis

You're damn right that's my favorite shade of lipstick. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 62 Pics


Hilarious story of a student who has the urge to fart in math class. He decided to drop the textbook at the same time, but the plan failed.