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#Tenrek Baby! Eines der Tiere, die nur auf Madagaskar zu finden sind. Es sind die Säugetiere mit den größten Würfen. 30 Junge sind keine Seltenheit! http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/6c/ea/c7/z13101676Q,Madagaskar---tenrek-zwyczajny---fot--Animal-Planet.jpg

Madagascar is home to a number of oddball species – including the Aye Aye, the Lemur, and the Lowland streaked tenrec. This creature has quills and is boldly decked out in yellow and brown stripes.

The gerenuk or Waller's gazelle found in the Horn of Africa and the African Great Lakes region. Stunning animal.

Animal of the day – 1/14/2011 – The Gerenuk

Gerenuk also known as the Waller's gazelle, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in East Africa, from Somalia, Djibouti and eastern Ethiopia through northern and eastern Kenya to northeastern Tanzania.

Giant #Mushroom in #Oregon over 2,400 yrs. Old Covers 3.4 sq. Miles of Land and is Still Growing | Most Beautiful Pages http://klyker.com/odd-history-23-photos/

There is a giant mushroom in Oregon that is over years old, covers square miles of land, and is still growing - HOWEVER, it is NOT THIS MUSHROOM. The Oregon mushroom looks like many small fungi spread across miles of land.


Orca & polar bear talking about girls. Polar bear to orca, "How do you find so many girls?" Orca replied: "I use Lynx aftershave!

Photo by Roman Golubenko, North Bergen, NJ, USA Photographed at Alaska, USA

com Photo of the Day: Sleepy Otter Pup and Mother

Sleepy Otter Pup and Mother Photography by Roman Golubenko, North Bergen, NJ, USA Photographed at Alaska, USA

Kasperle, wann geht ihr wieder mal zum Tanzen!

These 13 animals have got some serious dance skills. Check out the GIFs below of 13 hilarious animals moving, grooving, and being adorable.

Of COURSE the cat is eating it...

Tiere, die unbedingt Fotografen werden wollen