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Frank Zappa 1969 Met him and the Mothers of Invention in the earlier when I went to work with my Dad at ABC and they were filming segments.

Frank Zappa photographed by Grant Goddard, 1970.

Frank Zappa photographed by Grant Goddard, my “cousin”.Zappa on my genealogy tree🌳

Frank Zappa

Frank zappa toilet poster phi zappa crappa frank zappa poster 1969 this is a frank zappa poster.It shows zappa on a toilet, with the words phi zappa krappa on it.


Nai'xyy Frank Zappa Musician Frank Vincent Zappa was an American musician…

Frank Zappa was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother, Rose Marie (née Colimore), was of Italian and French ancestry; his father, Francis Vincent Zappa, was an immigrant from Partinico, Sicily with Greek and Arab ancestry. Frank Zappa, the eldest of four children, was raised in an Italian-American household where Italian was spoken often by his grandparents.

The best quotes by Frank Zappa. Find quotations by Frank Zappa, American Musician, born December Quote author Frank Zappa.

Frank Zappa

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Frank Vincent Zappa- Saw him at the Armadillo World Headquarters-Austin Texas circa 1980 or so....

Frank Vincent Zappa- Saw him at the Armadillo-Austin Texas circa 1980 or so. Certainly a musical force with some good songs but never one of my favorites. Alternative music for the mainstream.

Frank Vincent Zappa 1940 - 1993

Today in Frank Zappa succumbed to his battle with prostate cancer

Frank Zappa was one of my earliest influences! I met him when I was 13 and had already been a fan for a while.

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