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Dream Catchers are one of the most fascinating Traditions of Native Americans. The Traditional Dream Catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative Dreams, while letting positive Dreams through.

zentangle hot air balloon - Google Search

This is the most absolute beautiful hot air balloon drawing inspiration for a tattoo!


Eye catching dream catcher: Eloquent look.The small ones would look great hanging from your rear view mirror.

How to Make a Dream-catcher Tutorial & Beautiful DIY Dream-catcher Inspiration Pack for Beginners homesthetics decor (42)

The Peacock Native Style Woven Dreamcatcher by eenk on Etsy, This would be great for my teenaged sister! One could get so creative when making dream catchers!

Cosmic Galaxy Native Dream Catcher    Mystic Dream Art   :)

Cosmic Galaxy Native Dream Catcher Mystic Dream Art :) ---> the outer ring of string is some sort of chain…love it

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