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Why America sucks


Political Cartoon of the Day

Tea Party logic: shoot the hostage?

Cartoon: Lying Liars?

Is there any integrity anywhere in America?


Everyone will be the poorer if average people can't afford what's for sale! It seems Big Business has forgotten this little fact.

Fracking STINKS ... #FrackNo

jobs hide the stench of fracking on our overall well being!


We live in a world where trained cops can panic & act on impulse but untrained civilians must remain calm with a gun in their face.

The original ice water challenge. This was a torture tactic used by slave masters, in order to control and break strong, Black males or "bucks".

The original ice water torture.It is possible that whoever came up with the idea of the modern ice bucket challenge knew nothing about the original torture device. Is there any correlation or significance between the two.

Provocative Columbus Day Artwork by Artist Gregg Deal - ICTMN.com

Provocative Columbus Day Artwork by Artist Gregg Deal

در امریکا، تفنگ قابل‌دسترسی‌تر از کتاب

This single panel cartoon uses satire to comment on the social issue of gun regulation. The artist uses the contrast between banned books and guns to convey the message that certain things in our society need to change.


f*ck logic - FunSubstance

this one hits the nail right on the head.  America’s Real Problem: Greed and Ignorance | Marijuana.com

America's Real Problem: Greed and Ignorance

Cannabis: Proof that politicians do not care about you or the truth.

Another installment of Brown in Kansas, a cartoon series by Steffany Brown. (Want to see more? That’s up to Steffany, but reblog anyway to show your support!)

“ Another installment of Brown in Kansas, a cartoon series by Steffany Brown…

Susan Crumbaugh was born a slave in Kentucky in 1854: She was 103 when this picture of her was taken in Lyon County, Kentucky in 1957

Susan Crumbaugh, Former Slave in Lyon County, Kentucky at Age 103 years, photograph was taken in She was born a slave in Kentucky in In "The Paducah Sun," ran a feature story on her life.

This is me. I have no problem keeping my mouth shut. It's my face that needs deliverance.

This is so ME! I have no poker face. I hate fake ass people anyways.

Happy Halloween--Matt Wuerker

Going into election day ~ November 2014