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I'm in love.

Mississippi Grind

Zac Effron as Glen Tanner in Beyond the Moon. Glen, once a healthy young man, loses his youth in the prison camps of Vietnam. He returns broken to a country that reviles men like him. How will he survive?

Guy with the glasses! I'm so digging your hair right now! I admit it ! ...he is cute too! n_n

40 Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men's

Hair for any where. Mens Hair Styles i looooove doing Mens hair. i think it's a fantastic and precise art. some hair stylist just don't appreciate the technique that goes into it.

For @Kathrine Dunham "Hey girl, I know you liked to see me in my underpants! Now let's make out!"

Zac Efron I keep seeing pictures, and thinking to myself “Oooh, that guy’s hot!” and then in the next moment realizing he’s Zac Efron, whom I’m so used to thinking of as a teenager that it.

Zac Efron and a fox in the same picture should be illegal. It is just tooooo gorgeous. My heart melted

Zac Efron + Wild Animals!

Zac Efron

+Zac Efron is hard at work filming but he wants to THANK YOU…

zac efron - Pesquisa Google

From High School Musical to The Paperboy, Zach Efron always catches our eye!

Dylan & Zac Effron. The gene pool in this family is fantastic!

Efron boys>>>Zac is just like casually flexing and pulling his sleeve up lol xD

Zac Efron: I am proud to say that he was my first crush ever even though he is WAY too old for me.

Zac Efron stars in The Paper Boy which hits screens today so what better way to celebrate than having him as Eye Candy of the Week?