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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to a supporter at a Pearl Harbor Day rally aboard the USS Yorktown Memorial in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, December REUTERS/Randall Hill

GREAT NEWS!  America is next with Trump as president!  In a truly stunning upset, the Brits have decided to abandon the European Union and take back the reins of their own government. This win for Britain was a massive snub to the polls and mainstream media, who said the “Brexit” supporters were fighting a losing battle.  #TrumpTrain     #Trump2017  #MakeAmericaGreatAgain  #SanJoseFails  #BritainFirst  #OregonFront #Putin

Why was this investigation stopped? deleted records that could have stopped the Orlando killings.

9/28/15 Current Events: Economists are predicting a 3.4% shrink followed by another 1% the next year. The International Monetary Fund say this is due to the new low oil prices, which is 70% of the country's income. Analysts estimate Russia loses 2 billion dollars every dollar the oil price goes down. Another negative for Russia is that they have no major allies to help them out of this slope, like China.

Obama meets Putin: 5 things to know about Russia's failing economy

Russian economy is failing, and it's not just because of low oil prices and Western sanctions.

This is true.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I do NOT condone police harassment or brutality; however, this is a valid point. Of course it sucks to be killed by a police officer, but maybe if you're resisting arrest, fighting with him, and going for a weapon.it's a tiny bit your fault.

Dutch spy services unravel 'myth' of life with IS.

Dutch spy services unravel 'myth' of life with IS

Permission To Come Aboard: Coulter GOP Candidates All Monkeys —Only Trump' Can Save U.S. From Turning Into 'Uganda'

Coulter: GOP Candidates 'Monkeys' - Only Trump Can Save U. From Turning Into 'Uganda' - Breitbart

Could Donald Trump 'Spook' Financial Markets In 2016?

Could Donald Trump 'Spook' Financial Markets In 2016?

Donald Trump Excoriates House Republicans Over Budget Deal: Republicans ‘Threw the Towel In, Showed No Budget Discipline’

It's an Arab rape game called Taharrush, and now it has come to Europe - Google zoeken

Germany: Mass sexual assaults by Muslim migrants reported New Year’s Eve; Coward Officials accused of cover-up ⋆ Freedom Daily