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Orlando Jones’s image on WhoSay - Who's this doctor? The Joker?

Paolo from The Lizzie McGuire Movie is also Garrett from Pretty Little Liars. MIND BLOWN! OH MY GOSH!

This just blew our baby minds. From lizzie mcguire to pretty little liars *MIND BLOWN*

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Please excuse me while I light my house on fire! Lol I would never light my house on fire even though the fire men are CUTE!

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That's why it's so hard to go to an event, a gathering, or even church.  You have to be able to interact as though you're a "normal" person, when you're feeling anything but!

Pretending to be a functioning adult is so exhausting. Maybe that's why I'm so tired all the time!

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The Most Culturally Important Leonardo DiCaprio Memes

The Most Culturally Important Leonardo DiCaprio Memes

The poor man will never get an Oscar. I love Leo, but these are so funny. He deserves one better than anyone. Come on Oscar people!