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Husky pups and mom - adorable!

Husky x pomeranium

Pomsky- Pomeranian/Husky- too cute! Pomsky- Pomeranian/Husky- too cute! Pomsky- Pomeranian/Husky- too cute!

They Would Make The Cutest Dog Couple

They Would Make The Cutest Dog Couple

huskies meet for first time at vet. boy husky (left): "wow you're pretty" girl husky (right): "okay.um thanks" - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

The cuteness in this picture is off the charts!!!

You just need a hug. I do need a hug

Husky's are aMAZing!

I love you Mom.I love you too baby! Now, leave momma alone please!

Top 5 smartest dog breeds

Isn't this red merle Aussie pup; a doll? Reminds me of my first Aussie. He was such a good dog.



Moon Moon at the beach. Moon Moon, get your face OUT of the freaking sand!

Australian Shepherd. Those EYES! I need a dog for when I get married and my husband goes off to work and I'm alone he want scare off a burglar but he will keep me company

look at those baby blue eyes.I'm so in love Blue Australian Shepherd I need this pup!

bernese <3 I'm literally crying now. He looks so similar to my nephi... Who died at the age of three

Burnese Mountain dog - my favorite dog. I want him so badly! The face. so cute!

This kinda looks likes skooter when he was little

So adorable. Our Sadie Shorkie puppy has the Shih tzu face. She is a cutie pie and has won all of our hearts.