Coke adds life to...strollin', struttin, foolin' around or coolin' out and sittin' down., c1960s

gatesofdel: From the look of those hot dogs, they must be in Chicago. I like how the Coke bottles have ‘Pint’ printed on the necks. superseventies: Coke adds life to your Disco Roller Rink,

Reggie Jackson drives a Rabbit? (1978)

Reggie Jackson drives a Rabbit? (1978

Debi Thomas, Olympic Ice Skater

March Debi Thomas becomes the first African American woman to win the World Figure Skating Championship. (Silver medalist at the Calgary Olympics)

My mom had this.

A short history of Maybelline and mascara: Tom Lyle created an eyelash cream and began mail order marketing it in 1916 as a beautifier, using the name Lash-Brow-Ine. Frankly it was a load of horseshit and contained nothing

I think I watched Flip just to see Geraldine.

Top 20 TV shows. Flip Wilson was hilarious! "The devil made me do it".

Paula Rubia uploaded this image to 'Vintage Ads'.  See the album on Photobucket.

Vintage hairstyles of women with black hair strands never go out of style. From the to the women wore that black hair with glamour and pride.