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Black and white with lights. 1950's.

“Cars driving through Chinatown at night. San Francisco, circa By Nat Farbman ” Chinatown

A stroll through Paris is what I would like right now...

Driwanmasterpiece Collection:”The vintage Eiffel tower Photography”(koleksi foto antik menara eiffel)

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40 Best Black and White Photography examples from top photographers

I thought that the foreshortening effect of that long lense worked very well in encapsulating the tense and impersonal ambience of modern city living...I did like it though...K

California Street, San Francisco~So I worked at The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd. which was located on California St. in I rode the cable car every day on that hill.

Possibly thinking of including one way signs that point away from the alley/ having a warning sign

Black and White Photo, Panel signs on Avenue – New York - Black and White Photo on Black and White Photo

"I was in a city with a million people, but so lonely. And then I met you"

Black and White Night, Pre-Fall Macadam Diva California Street, San Francisco

Amsterdam. Need to visit again now older, and drink in the awesome architecture

The Bicycle is a way of life here in Amsterdam. If travel is your way of life, hop on and book your accommodation here

even though he's gone... he's not gone. he's everywhere and he's everything. the city lights talking in morse code, flickering on and off throughout the day. the song playing on the radio. you, tapping your pen right now. he'll never be gone in any sense of the word.

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