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"A rolling stone gathers no moss" - Publius Syrus. A Latin writer who flourished in the century BC.

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Oh, my..it looks like a fairy tale forest I’ve seen once Love this!! Looks so MAGICAL

"Pathway" this is my death in a painting, I am in a forest on a path, my father greets me♡- Wentworth, Yorkshire, England by Canonshot Mole

I am totally obsessed with these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees- Hawaii

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in Maui. It's hard to believe they are not painted…

Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Oak trees lining the Audubon Park - New Orleans - When I wrote the storm scene in Enticed by Blood where Juliette and Andre had to abandon their car and walk to the old hotel, these are the trees that lined the road.

Spanish Moss on Bald Cypress

Maurepas Swamp, Louisiana, Cypress Tree with Spanish Moss. David Chauvin Photography This is Very close to my home.

breathemystardust:    southcarolinaboy:    Jabuticaba (Plinia cauliflora, formerly Myrciara cauliflora) - a tree that grows its fruit on the trunk and branches

I found this grape tree in Hawaii. They tasted delicious! " Brazilian Grape Tree (also known as Jabuticaba) does not use branches to grow fruits. It grows fruits (and flowers) directly on the trunk.

Nezaket Efe


Nezaket Efe