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I agree ~j

how to handle stress like a dog: if you can't eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away. too funny!

Never learned

I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue. On an emotional and personal level. I'm working on delivery, but it hurts on so many levels to be quiet.

Never more true..

Funny pictures about One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe. Oh, and cool pics about One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe. Also, One Day They'll Find The Center Of The Universe photos.

Amen! Peace comes to those who forgive. Just think...If GOD who is Holy "GOD" forgives me. How dare I not forgive others? Who do I think I am? I'm certainly not above God. I guess when I don't forgive, in a sense, I am putting myself above God? Ah oh...

Quote: The First

I can't help it....but Im soo sick of shit talkers...!  I mean like, going back 20 yrs of them...

all i can say is dont be a coward say it to people(s) face. i suggest that before you talk shit about other people and THEIR lives that your own life and you yourself are perfect.

Yes indeed. The fight to get it out if each others hand without knowing it was a shit pot would be priceless.

QUOTE, Funny Sarcasm: 'Those who stir the shitpot should have to lick the spoon.

or on instagram or on twitter or on the walls or on the tables or on myspace or anywhere else that it might hurt somebody's feelings.   THINK!  T-is it true?    H-is it helpful?      I-is it inspiring?        N-is it necessary?          K-is it kind?

Updated quote of something I'm always saying to the children "If you can't say anything nice." :-) Some people don't realize they hurt other people's feelings with their comments.

And I went Skydiving...

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My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit. This must be a statement from my oldest son David!