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Don Nace. I bought a xerox of this from the Glendale Goodwill because it spoke to me, deeply. Tonight I googled. It was artwork in Across the Universe.

These works are done by one of my favorite sketch artists, Don Nace. The top one “Just Passing Through” is by far my favorite and was featured in the movie “Across The Universe” along with all of the.

charleskinbote: Self-portrait. I think I pretty much summed up every teenagers’ thoughts into one neat and tidy doodle.

This one is lifeless and lame

One of my favorite characters in Greek mythology This time drawing inspiration from a tattoo [link] on Kim Saigh [link] Love her.

Modern Baseball "Whatever Forever" Lyric and Dotwork Rose Design Printed on White Card

Rohan Tattoo by ~rohanna on deviantART

It's one of the symbols of Rohan, but it has been modified for me; two celtic horses.

vjeranski:    Derek Overfield

Minimal Male Figure Drawing - 11 x from life - Drawing 74 - graphite and linseed oil on paper - original drawing